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Friday, March 8, 2013

Something Beautiful

Our kia has been down 12 days so far. Never the less some things still must happen. Lisa has been making trips to town on a bus to search records for our Norma. She went again yesterday for a medical exam to determine age to try and get paperwork from the child agency. They found Norma has 12 more brothers and sisters, all different fathers…And no record of her. Going to be complicated... … Because of the visit, Child services begged her to take yet another baby. Lisa ended up bringing home a 16m old little boy whose dad was killed and mother fled country. Patricia was with Lisa, and it just so happens to be the son of Patricia’s deceased uncle. He has no known name or birth records (like Norma). It might be that Patricia gets to name him… I saw them all come in and they could see the look on my face of “no not another baby” …till I heard the story, how could you say no to Patricia looking teary eyed, who so much desires a connection to her family. I could not say no either…
There is never a cross to bear, required of us from the LORD, where he does not share the burden. And Share He does, for He always carries the heavy end, the cross beam. Whereby we must follow Him lifting only enough of the tail end to balance the weight He bares. Yet we always cry, "Lord, my little part of my cross is getting heavy"... For such is the kingdom of heaven….And His grace is sufficient.

There is something beautiful about watching Norma, a blind girl, who had been abused and abandoned, care for 2 babies. One baby is hers from the abuse, and the other had been on deaths door abandoned in the bed of a pick up. So the rest of the children can attend classes…(her classes are later)

The kids found a baby wahtusa injured behind the house, whining in pain.
Something had done a number on it trying to eat it. Ripped it’s cheeks clear open on both sides. So... what should we do with the friendly baby rat creature? Dad’s 5 minute surgery. Put a little oxytetracycline (doesn’t everyone have this laying around?) on the wounds and super glue the little girl back together. Presto, points with the kids and Jr’s new wife who raised one as a pet for years. They thought I was crazy till they saw the results…

We also received some Christmas shoeboxes mailed from the states. They always bring a smiles and treats for the children in our home and ministries. Pics are soso camera is not working correctly.
With the kia down most of the things we are doing are on hold, can’t haul materials, supplies or people so it has been frustrating just to maintain food and water in the house.
Always need prayer…


At March 9, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Blogger Zac Hopkins said...

Norma is so loving & it is sweet to watch her care for others.
Barry,I knew you could do alot of things but surgeon?...impressive. What a special gift of family God & the Ritchies are able to bless Patricia with.
Having been able to get to know you a little & listen to your stories in person I can hear your voice & inflection when you say "Lord my LITTLE part of my cross is getting heavy"
Its a blessing to know you Barry...we are praying for you,your wife,your kids,your ministry,your KIA,your recovering rat & your camera! Love you all


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