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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just another day...Blessing and problems

Lots of news

Been 3 weeks and 3 days wrestling our kia away from a mechanic. Went from a simple fix to a complicated and very expensive non fix. Always with a promise first thing tomorrow it will be ready just need money for this or that. All torn apart and undriveable, always waiting on the next part… Inconvenient to say the least,one  example; hiring taxis at $50 just to bring food to the house. Lisa went into town with Jr on the motorcycle at the time it was promised (again) to be ready, and when he gave her yet another excuse, she blew up at him. Suddenly there were 3 guys scrambling around trying to find everything and putting it back together while she waited. Should have tried that a couple of weeks ago. She drove it back (not completely fixed) and I took it to another mechanic the same afternoon, $60, a little welding and 3 hours while I wait/help presto back on the road… 6am the next morning taking supplies up the mountain…

The well drilling rig is in Eyes of Water. Blessings… and problems. His heavy rig broke a gear in the transmission descending down the steep “road” where the well was going. So the rig is broke down on site but still able to drill. At the depth tested… not enough water for a village. Keep drilling. At 2x the depth budgeted for.. no change. At 3x the depth planned for, presto 25+ gal per minute, amen. Only to have the extremely expensive 600lb hammer drill head break off in the well. The rig owner was making a snare just like Jr and I built for ours (just bigger) to try to fish it out. He said if he could not get it out he would have to drill another hole…hmm. Welcome to Honduras, where nothing is imposable… Just more expensive, more time consuming and harder to do than elsewhere…

Big blessing!! The medical outreach is on for Aug!! Firming up to be around the 16th through the 24th. If you would like to participate contact me and I will give you the stateside Doctor’s contact info who is organizing it. Need Doctors (all types), nurses, helpers, soul winners, dental, eyes, supplies, funds ect. The ones who volunteer shape what can be done. These outreaches touch a great many for the cause of Christ. The response is normally overwhelming. The Doctor heading this is a full time missionary Doctor named Greg Waller, who has led many to the LORD through these efforts. Their heart is the Gospel presentation woven throughout all they do. I know no one doing it better. He is also reviewing one of our children in the Lighthouse, Micah the baby of Alba, who was born with Microtia an ear defect. Hoping he or another Dr might be able to do surgery to give him a more normal looking ear. Might be something they can do or might entail more than their capacity on a single trip. Praying.

Yesterday the charging system died in the kia so I could not shut it off all day (old style diesels do not need electric to run, just needed for lights ac radio starter ect)… Took workers to work on the church in the mountain. As I left the city at 6am, busses were gathering to protest along the highway, as well as what looked like all the police department with riot gear and the military helicopters ect… We passed through, but were unable to return back to the city or get home till this evening 6pm. After we passed, they blocked every road completely with busses. Put it in 4wd drive down the ditch to turn around bypass the traffic jam and drive to the next town 40 minutes north of us just to find a bathroom, buy more materials for the workers and to eat ect… It was peaceful, just a problematic 12 hours… But had a fun time with the kids playing in the catholic church next to the park we had lunch in. Lets see, park, kids uh…big ol historic church with twin bells next to each other left open and unattended…hmm, and me. For those that know me that should be enough info… And the kids learned a few things so its all good.

A few of our churches monetary needs to pray about. Hoping to put a roof on the second church soon. Both new churches we built need balcones(security windows) and doors, as well as chairs. The simple metal windows(11) and doors(2) cost $1000 per church to make, paint and install and 100 plastic chairs for each church cost $500. At that point the buildings become fully functional, it has been on my mind for a while but just beyond our capacity. Please keep it in prayer and if the LORD works on your heart to help please do.

Once we are out of our current construction phase we will be doing more outreaches again. Like with the medical team. These too drain our limited earthy resources but store up wonderful treasures in heaven as an eternal reward investment. Thank you to all of our ministering saints who by the LORD’s grace keep supplying the needs like a raven in the wilderness. Amen!


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