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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beep Beep zip ding...

It is Holy Week here in Honduras. A time where school is out and everyone heads out to the rivers, beaches, bars and parties…oh yeah and church too, to ask forgiveness of their week's actions. I would say it is sarcasm, but there is too much truth in it. Normally not a good time to go do much or travel. So while I was out looking for some kind of blow up swimming pool for the kids(all 2x the normal price)… Change of plans, I made a zip line for the kids. I have had most of the parts collected for a while but picked up 200 feet of cable today before all the stores closed, strung it up in the mango trees and tied old bungee jump cords across for brakes (have had pieces of bungee jump cord around for years not knowing what I was going to do with it, till now)… Good thing too because on the first run Sayder must have been going 30mph and near hit the tree on the opposite side of the road… zip ding snap and whipped him 50 feet back up the line, ..no blood, broken bones, or parts flying... cool, horizontal bungee jumping, Hmm looks dangerous… “Uh, Jr… you want to try?” “The extra 50 lbs wont matter honest”. zip ding snap…bounce bounce bounce. Similar to a bungee jumper with a rope just a wee bit to long. Good entertainment for all onlookers…  like a NASCAR crash. … And Sayder wanted to go faster…uh no, raised the cable to slow it down. Then sit and eat mangos and watch the kids run up and down the hill giggle and scream all afternoon…Cindy got so scared on her first ride she almost bailed out on a full speed run. After showing her how the brakes worked she was fine… I call it Honduran snowless sledding… Jr even got Lourdes try to it...
The kids wore out the hand brake pads the first day of use… but with a bungee cord…who needs brakes? Now we only let the saved kids ride it, … just to be safe… J


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