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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Need prayers. Have a lot of sickness in the house, Lisa and kids, since the last group left, Try as I might, it even got me this past week. The kind of sick you just have to sleep in the bathroom. Lisa went to the Dr and got the right meds for all and they seem to be working. Also out, our pastor in Eyes of Water, is battling diabetic feet and a few other issues. The walking in Eyes of Water has done him in. He could hardly walk yesterday. Since he is Nicaraguan he cannot get social medical care here. I paid for him to return to family in Nicaragua and get their free care while there. His daughter is a nurse. It was cheaper and better than doing it here. So he will be out of commission for while. We are having a preachers meeting this weekend to regroup and plan. We have had the youth preaching this past couple of weeks. Amazing the wisdom found in youth when their heart is after God. After a few years trying, we now have been given a regular permitted time to preach at the big military base rather than just being special guests. Amen. It will be a good place to train the young men mentioned above as well. Trapechee has started 3 service a week since beginning in the new building with a lot of new faces attending. A lot more wear and tear on the motorcycle. Marc Antonio called Sunday morning with a flat in the middle of no where and his patch glue not sticking. So rushed out to help in a sick kia and a sick driver to get him and his wife back on the road. What do you do when the preacher doesn’t show up for Sunday morning?… Just wait, it is Honduras he will get there eventually. We were 5 hours late getting to one church years ago because of a storm and digging the stuck kia out… Where were the church folks when we arrived dirty, wet and in the dark?… Still waiting and expecting us to continue, which we did, amen.

Our kinder class/daycare/bunk room is almost finished. It is only 15 foot squared but it will serve as a daycare/kinder Sunday School class during church and a kindergarden/preschool during weekdays. We are also making a small attached fenced play area. With beds, it could also house a few guests willing to rough it a bit. The Kia…same story: broke, fixed, running. It costs several hundred a month in repairs it seems to keep it running at the pace we need it to run. Needs tires again… those hurt. Also got into a one car fender bender a few weeks ago. Set the brake, didn’t hold, and it rolled into a pole bending the passenger door. I got it to open and close again after a week of the kids crawling in and out the window. Kids did not mind...but Lisa did.
Keep us in prayer, for the spiritual battle continues for the souls of men.


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