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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One plants another waters but God gives the increase...

The Green team has left. It has been a week of preaching and firsts. Having the inaugural church building service for our mountain church which has met under a tree for almost 5years. Seeing and hearing the testimony of the widow of the preacher and his children who helped start it. And have five elderly people come forward for Christ Jesus. It was a beautiful thing to watch. But we were also allowed into the Military tank brigade for the first time and preached to a small group of 16 men and had all of them make a choice for Christ. How often in a life of a preacher does he get to respond to the question “How many trusted the LORD?” And he gets to answer, “All of them.” The Green team sang in the other mountian top new church building

 at sunset accompanied by a simple guitar made from paneling and had the whole church recognize the tune and start singing “At the Cross” in Spanish with them.
Preached in a public school handing out tracts and John and Romans. Race off one mountain across the valley and up the next to preach to a budding youth group where 8 young men are reading to preach. Take most of the same church out to an desert island in 100+ temps to preach and pray with them. In all I think we wore out the visiting American Green Team. Might have broken them spiritually and physically as well seeing the bruises and blisters from hanging on, but we sent them home with all the pieces except the little bit of their hearts they lost in Honduras… Oft times it is because the LORD works through the children in our home as they go and help us on every activity. They leave a lasting impression. Amen…

With all that is going on in the world, as a christian I think it is easy to fall into the gloom and doom trap. The LORD is not coming back too soon... Why? Because there are still places like Honduras, where the fields are still white unto harvest and the Master of the field is waiting until He brings in His full bounty... So have patience, till all have finished... There is no place on earth that has no access to the gospel, but there are many a heart who have yet to be told...


At April 17, 2013 at 1:33 AM, Blogger Shin Min said...

Wow God really moves! To God all be the glory!



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