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Thursday, April 11, 2013


We started early Wednesday morning going to another military post at 7am to preach and found everyone waiting on us eager to hear a message. Our time was limited because the only thing punctual in Honduras is the military but that was ok. A simple short to the point message was all that was needed for 60+ souls to come forward wanting salvation. We had brought bibles for new converts but ran short as we left, so a promise was made we would return later with a few more. Meaning normally in a few days. We opted to drive out pick some up and return within an hour. As we drove back in, we saw many young men in the field sitting reading their bibles. Amen. 
After lunch we readied to go to Eyes of Water for another outreach. As we pulled out the belts screeched on the Kia requiring an hour delay getting new belts and an idler pully…an hour delay was much better than broke down in the mountain 2 hours from home…So I was good with that. Thank you LORD. Headed of the our next stop. It is about 5 miles behind a hydroelectric dam in the mountains. Short rough road often hanging right on the cliffs. As we pulled in I startled the Americans by suddenly turning left and driving off the path. It was a path cut for the drill rig.  I stopped at the well drilling rig to find they had drilled a second hole next to the first and retrieved the drill head. They were now packing the walls with drill mud and reading to install the liner. Not only that the well was producing near 50gpm of clean water. Put the kia in 4wd low full throttle 1st gear and almost not enough power to climb out. Stop to pick up our pastor there and the folks loaded down the kia with local fruit called ha cote. Considering we were not even welcome here in November what a change. On to the little public schoolhouse set up for a movie and preaching. Watch the sunset as people arrive winded from the hike. Sing, preach movie and then the long drive home. Arrived home at midnight... Maybe tomm haul rocks from the river for a nursery. Just another day in Honduras...


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