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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mining with the Cross

Last week we finished the churches in the mountains. Doors and security windows so they can now put items inside. Saturday will be the first service in Colonia in a new building. Pastor Green will be the first one to preach in it. They have been 5 years preaching under a tree there, Blanca, Omar’s widow will be there so it should be sweet. Omar preached under the tree for several years before he passed. Full schedule of preaching this week. Will see if we get through it all. Military, public School, first church service, outreach evangelism, mountain top and beach front baptisms. Might be preaching and baptizing with a mountain church on the beach in Nicaragua…if we can get everyone across the border. Always if and always trying in Honduras…

As I was driving through town I saw a hand painted Mona Lisa. For the steep price of $200 you could have an iconic famous artwork hanging on your wall…A deal compared to the other one… I just smiled and thought this has to be in a sermon illustration just don’t know how yet.
Lisa has had a rough couple of weeks and it is still not over the allergic reactions to cashew trees burning. Had to go to hospital 2x for treatment and Ivs. Plus Cindy fell and needed stitches in her knee.

The drilling head is still down in the hole. I stopped by Monday on my way to the capital. They were digging a pit to hold enough water to use to try and open the hole again. Is has collapsed in on it self. I assume the water will penetrate and lift and clean more than just the air. Weee. So much for a cheap well…. But hey they got the transmission back in the rig… so it can drive out. It was a very steep incline to where they are drilling. Even in the kia it was steep.


We went to preach at one of the military post yesterday, going to another today. Pastor Green preached and follow up with MarcAntonio. Numerous soldiers stood and made decisions for Christ. As Pastor Green’s group went with Lisa through the market handing out tracts they had people coming asking for them. As Christians we often look around at the news and world and think the LORD has to return soon. And I do believe this, …but as bad it is might seem in some places to Christians, as long as there is still a hunger and thirst for God in the world, as long as the field is still white somewhere the LORD’s return will tarry…Until the last precious glory for God is mined by the cross of Calvary from the mountains of free willed human iniquity…And the cross makes it obvious God will spare no expense in this endeavor, and persevere till all Glory due Him has been harvested. Amen!


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