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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The price of blessings are not what they seem

Why do all blessing always seem to come at a price?... We have Drs coming tomorrow for a medical outreach, amen!. Had a man drive by with a backhoe this morning and I stopped him and asked about leveling a site for an outreach and to build a future church. He was heading out to another job right next to there. He looked at it and gave me a price of $100, Amen! A steal for 5 hours on a new cat backhoe. Been looking for a way to do this for a year. As I was sitting watching all the activity, like the men hauling cement up the road on a old wood cart, kids in the trees watching the backhoe and a crowd gathering to watch and filling the kia with fill material for the Lighthouse... one of the local kids said "hey mister your leaking alot of oil"...Sure enough the kia started dumping oil out of the motor and we need it for 7am tomm... Put oil in it and get it home but arrive to no electric in the house. Never is easy. Jr is pulling it apart now. ...It is now 2 hours later 10pm he is done. Hopefully it will work. But in the same time frame the internet would not load this post or this attached picture...still trying. Ok loaded up the computer and take it to town for a better signal...still bad, hmm, After several months gathering parts to make the playground helicopter it is finally up and working. Lisa brought the swing seats and the kids and Jr tested it out. It is now kid approved... bee


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