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Monday, September 16, 2013

Gone to the Dogs...

13 young people put their trust in the LORD yesterday at 2 childrens activities in churches. Still celebrating our Day of Children... which takes us a week or so in several churches... So, when you arrive a hour and a half early to church what do you do? Break out the clippers and a double edge bare razor and give haircuts to all the boys...and a few men. One of the men has clubbed feet and makes his own shoes out of old tires. Preaching, playing an old, really beat eaten by dampness guitar, but making a joyful noise unto the LORD. On the home front, several kids sick including Lisa and Alba. Sitting in church at the Lighthouse yesterday and near ever kid was holding a baby...had a bit of a chuckle about it. After church needed to run and get a few things for supper from our local 7/11(ie families selling things out of their home to make a few bucks) saw a dog sitting on their corn harvest licking and scratching himself. Then

their young boy runs through a mud puddle then runs through the corn knee deep to pounce and wresle with the dog and chase each other back and for through the corn...all I could think was... Not buying corn here and that looks fun....


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