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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dia Day Niño 2013 Honduras

Managed to borrow a few photos... from someone who remembered a camera. It is one of our outreaches this week for National Children's Day. A big holiday in Honduras. It was in one of the mountain churches. The church building was the only not muddy spot in the village. Marc Antonio has been collecting clothes and toys for months to hand out.This is a story by itself that tickles me as he did not ask me for anything, only help in getting it all to the mountain. Quite the task from a man who only makes a few hundred dollars a month selling chips, soda and such from the window of his home. Me and four of our children, did the bounce house(in the church) and cannon shot as well. Marc Antonio's wife Carmin also fed all of them. It is an odd feeling watching the children eat. Most live hungry, and you can tell by how they eat. Many of our children come to us with the same querks. It takes a couple of months before the fear of when do I eat next goes away.
  Went to get the brakes fixed yesterday morning but the kia would not start... another starter burned up crispy inside. Found a used one for $250 in the capital. So brakes not fixed and waiting on parts. Also we are getting yet another inspection of our facility and kids from the authorites today. Pastor Ruis is still in Nic healing from the small operation. He is wanting to get back to Eyes of Water to preach. It is an ongoing situation that needs the LORD to make a straight path on. We need a faithful man to step up and be trained for that area as a full time pastor. Likely from the village because of limitations like distance, access and work. Time will tell. Still working on our little daycare building at the Lighthouse. Using old barrels to build a slide and crawl tube over the swings. Never a dull moment...


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