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Friday, September 13, 2013

Honduran Green Iguanas

We have so many little ones running around and more gaining walk/run ability it has become a need to have a "containment area". A roofed and screened in play area to cut down on the sicknesses we battle caused by moskito(honduran spellin) bites. (we are in the tropics) So I began working on a daycare location a while back as we could. It started out simple. Actually, it still is, but it has grown a little from the original thought. We are currently using old barrels and making a tube style jungle gym, since we sure cannot afford the real thing. So the room will have a large green iguana in the roof (normal for here just ours is much bigger with kids playing in it) They will enter the tail pass a few obstacles inside and slide out the mouth... The room also will double for classroom space, Sunday school room, indoor playground and house cots for visitors in the future... It is all being done on the skinny as we can when we can. When we can't, it waits... Can't wait too much longer the kids are getting faster... :)
Minor the son of Pastor Augusto wrecked their motorcycle in the rain hitting a rock Sunday traveling to preach. The fall broke his collar bone. So we have another preacher out of commission for a while.
Pastor Ruis is still on the mend but waiting for the wounds to close up. Still fighting colds and dengue in the family...


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