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Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 ended with a Bang

2013 has ended with a wedding and a bang. The ministry churches were full with a wedding in one all night preaching and videos in another ect.  The volcano across the bay from us erupted and billowed smoke into the new year. Managed to pick up a few Honduran fireworks for the kids.(some saved from last year) Learned a new slow setting on the camera that make them look much more impressive. The public nurses finally came by for inoculations(been waiting years). We cannot get them from private Doctors, and the social hospital would not give them because they were in our care. And the children authorities asking if they had been done each time they visit. Confusing to say the least. We ended 2013 finishing a foundation for a church and the floor and walls will start going up Tuesday in 2014 when a group arrives to help. The Kia is running again but has issues. Took the kids out to the river to cool off a bit. when we arrive home dinner was ready. Lisa has been cooking up a storm for the last week, she made pan breads that were tasty. All things considered when we look back it has been a good year. Salvations, baptisms, marriages, church buildings built, churches growing spiritually and numerically. One can complain about the rough road or rejoice in the destination... Honduras is all rough road. Kind of hard to complain when the little old lady next to you is carrying a heavier load on her head and has walking farther to get up the mountain, so you find more to carry and stay focused on the destination rejoicing...Amen!


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