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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Angels watching over...

Just a thank you for your prayers and a brief way they are used. Two sundays ago we baptized in the mountain. One of the young men (20+ years old) who we thought might enter the waters, did not. Several others did not as well. I found out today his father was across the river in the bushes hiding with a rifle waiting for him to enter in to be baptized. Some of the church folks saw him. The father was going to shoot me and the pastor. If I am going to die for something, might as well make it for something good rather than guarding a pepsi truck. He later went drunk to the pastors home and railed against him. The young man still wants to be baptized, but at a different location. We will do it here in the coming months Amen.  Protected round about with angels of our LORD... Please keep the prayers coming... Thank You.


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