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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not alone...

The distance we can drive the kia before critial mass is getting shorter. Got the trailer brought back, need more supplies for tomorrow. Will be a few small miracles. For both Kia and funds. Need to get this done because the foundation needs should cure a few weeks before we build on it. And a group is coming Jan 5th to build. I am not the only one who .. uh.. fills their work tool to capacity. It cant be overloaded, there is still more room. Saw three small tri-wheeled taxi ...pass by the work site. There is a small incline that is a tire spinner for most cars. The first taxi dropped one of his near 100lbs bags out the side and stalled on the climb. No chance of spinning a tire with 800-1000lbs cargo on his 200cc motorcyle motor. He could not go back and could not go forward, so one of our guys ran out to help push him up the last little bit... Fun to watch. Needed to go teach a class but no way to make it with kia acting up. See what tomorrow brings...


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