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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No problema

Should be done with the basic foundation on the church tomorrow.. or Thursday. We delivered more blocks and cement today. I am hoping for a small miracle. We have used all to get to this point in preparation for Jan. But still have a lot of month left and much to do, and not much to do it with. Kia motor is out, apart and at the machine shop. Still unsure of costs, Also has another broken frame location to weld. Christmas just around the corner, and have done nothing so far for churches or family wise. Kind of joking, I asked two of the kids today, while we were working, if it was ok to cancel Christmas this year since we need all to build a church building. Without hesitation they said yes, no problem, well actually, "Si papi, no problema". Wasn't sure how to respond since they were serious, but I hadn't been. Humbling moment. Pastor Marc Antonio came out to sweat today and dig the footers for the back side. Pastor Renee has been sweating all week as well as several church members off and on. Several of our boys dug as well. Lots more digging left for the group coming though...lots. In church on Sunday we again had the young people/bible students opt to come and visit from the mountain and sing "Mansion over the Hilltop". Our girls also sang "I have decided to follow Jesus". Really nice. Our little church was full. And the preaching by a Bible student was as strong and full of conviction as any veteran preacher about the need for separation and what that really means. Amen!


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