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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finished Foundation

Been a Hard week of digging, and managed to finish the foundation on the church today. Lots more yet to do but the biggest worry is done. Need to build a pila, that is a cement tank water storage for construction that will also be for the church after. We can use our plastic tank to fill it for now.(our guy delivering water by horse has proven unreliable and takes him many trips to fill  us just half full.) Lots of material yet to move, need to level the floors, dig a septic cistern, dig out the back wall ect. We will still have alot in Jan. I am sure a group of strong young Americans will help. :)

Kia motor is now in pieces, Third rebuild of the year, (my aching head). Had a warped block leaking water causing it to overheat, and was leaking oil out the rear main seal right where a bearing was tapping...all in the same area. Machine shop shaved the block, cleaned crank, now waiting for parts. Also sent the badly smoking injection pump to a injection lab to be rebuilt... on the other side of the country. (a new one is $2500 dol US, so that is out) Hopefully this shop can finally get it right. And still need to weld the frame back together. Since the motor is out and not in the way the frame can be jacked into the right position (making the tires sit correctly) before welding though. so.. amen? Also hopeing other things work out before the bill is due...Wee. Lord knows... Would like to put funds in other things beside motors...But cannot do many of the other things without the motor either, a visious circle.

Had one of the church ladies pass away in Eyes of Water. We did not find out till late. We have a pastor going out tomorrow morning for condolences with help for the family during this time. A needful thing to do, just another monitary weight unexpected. If you remember, we sure could use the extra prayer... Thank you.


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