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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beyond the next mountain...

Several things to share. We broke ground on the latest church building project. Like much of what we do, we start by faith because it simply needs to be done, often without the means to continue or finish... But we do finish. Sometimes by miracle, sometime by sacrifice, most often by both. We have a returning church group coming in the beginning of January to help with construction. Anyone wanting to help with funds to build a church it would be more than welcome. This church is our seed by the wayside that bloomed. They have had a difficult time over the years. We had a building they were meeting in with 50 members and wanted to buy it. But could not come up with needed funds in time and they were evicted when it sold to others. We moved to a small tent for the last three years but it has been hard. I purchased inexpensive property from family of a church member more than a year ago. And leveled it 6 months ago. Rain has made it hard packed and ready to build. We measured out the size of church builded and church members began digging today. By next week we will mix cement and lay a foundation... maybe,.. depending of funds.  At the Lighthouse, the well is in, pump installed, pumphouse built, Wiring installed, and some lines run and began to pump well to clean it out, but not connected ...yet. Still have a very long trench to dig to the storage tank and a schedule not permiting time or resources to finish just yet. Most everything has been purchased, just alot of digging to do... Most do not understand how we do what we do on what we have. Honestly, I do not most days. Little is much when God is in it,.. rings very true here.

You know we are home in a small town mindset, when your son drives visiting Americans to the other side of the country in their rental car...He was to drive it 5 hours back to the rental company, get his Motorcycle and drive the last 3 hours to here. We had no money to give him so he also went without money.. and with expired tags. He drops them off and begins the 5+ hour drive back to drop off their rental car. Get stopped at a police checkpoint far from home.(they gave him gas money) Young american, fancy new car, expired tags, so the police begin to inquire. All the normal questions, Where are you going, what were you doing, where do you live? Are you married, Where is she from? Then a sudden realization by the policeman... Your wife's father is so and so? Yes. Ahh you're family, you married my uncle's daughter you can pass... Makes it back drops off the car only to have his motorcycle break down. He is now welding it back together to get home... Welcome to Honduras....

Our kids wanted to take a hike to the mountain infront of the Lighthouse property. They have een wanting to do it for a long time. To see beyond the next mountain, and to look back at our property from that vantage point. They took off yesterday on the hike. Great time... found that if they ever want to do it again bring lots more water. They could see our house behind them turning around gave them a view of the ocean, Nicaragua and ElSalvador in the distance, Choluteca, sugar cane fields burning for harvest and the mellon farms.


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