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Sunday, January 12, 2014

PMBC day one

   The men from PMBC put in their first day of work and much was done. Laying a floor, digging holes and filling holes, laying block and laying pipe. But the best thing is the testimony they always leave. A large group of men with godly attributes always stands out. With so much effeminization of men in the world, it is nice to see men who are still men, the way God intended. Strong, hard working, joyful, singing praise to the LORD and still conscience enough to stop and fix a little girls problem. Meekness is a Godly man's trait, it is power under control. Like an escavator operator who controls a machine that can crush and load rock, yet skilled enough with it he can roll an egg without breaking it. The men from PMBC left this testimoney last year, and day one this year have already shown it again. At the end of the day some of the church gathered to have an impromtu first service. Some of the PMBC men sang covered in dirt, sweat and all. There were alot of kids from the neighborhood russling around. As they began to sing all action stopped for a short time as all eyes were in awe or bewildered of the harmonious sound coming out of such big burly dirty men. Nice to watch... and hear. Hauled 400 blogs with the kia and trailer. Did not go fast but it "go-ed".


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