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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Kia...

Doing a blog update for prayer and help at the request of one of our supporting churches.
Pastor Joseph Kline and Faith Baptist Church in Columbia have begun raising funds to purchase a new vehicle for the ministry here in Honduras. He asked me to contact others to help them help us. Our kia has taken a beating over the years hauling materials up goat paths to build and supply churches. It has made many midnight ambulance runs, school bus, dump truck, tracks, Bible, witnessing and food runs ect.  Literally  millions of pounds. Pastor Kline has seen this first hand visiting here and knows the need. After a mountain of repairs, it has become less than reliable in a place where reliability is a must. It is time for another. The church of Faith has raise much already. The goal and reason for asking is they would like to visit in June and have a new vehicle here for that time and be a special blessing to Honduras Missions, the Children's Lighthouse and us, the Ritchies. To meet that goal and replace an over due vehicle, they ask for help. If the LORD leads you, please feel free to contact them directly.  Pastor Kline will answer any questions you might have. Email- pastorkline@hotmail.com or contact me and I will forward his cell info. Please take the time to scroll down the blog and keep up to date with the blessings and happenings of the LORD in Honduras. 

Thank you for every rememberance
Barry Ritchie
Missionary to Honduras


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