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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Short List...

Short list, 8 years. Seems like alot, but feel we should be doing so much more...

1-Los Tererros Nat Pastor and Church building built
2-La Cruz Nat Pastor and Church building built + SS rooms
3-Lenaca Nat Pastor and Church building built...

4-Colonia Trapechee Nat Pastor and Church building built
5-San Geranimo Nat Pastor and Church building built + Pastoral.Unfinished
6-Lighhouse chapel built and using Bible inst Students preaching
7-St Teresa Nat Pastor and Church building, electric for village. Several outreaches and possible church plants with Bible students
8-Ojos de Agua Nat Pastor New Outreach donated property for church, Water well for village
9-Barrio Suyapa new outreach. National work from Bible Institute student from LaCruz.
10-Bible Institute Poss 8 good canidates for the LORD's future works
11-Children's Lighthouse Home orpahange built staffed by us. Houses between 20-30 children in a family setting. Capable of 100+ when fully funded.  Classes built 2 teachers, One the wife of Jr
12-Whensawe property owned, for future Addiction center when funded.
13-Considering several more locations as the LORD makes our men ready..
14 Motorcycles purchased for 2 pastors.

Goal of 20 more by 2020... No idea how on what we have, just know it is much needed. Ultimate goal of maturity in the churches here? When we finally start sending church planters out to every provence of Honduras and missionaries out to the uttermost parts(other countries) from here. Maybe even send some to the USA with a church planting mindset... Need LOTS of prayer and the LORD in all we do...


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