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Friday, March 21, 2014

A good day...

Good day yesterday but long and burdensom in many ways. Started at 4am ended at 11pm and no rest... or good bathroom. Went to Eyes of Water to see about property being donated. But stopped in an outling village the pastor has been witnessing in. They know about what was done in Eyes of Water about a well. They too were desperate for water spiritual and physical. Pastor Ruis has led several to the LORD. Then they began to tell us about the water problem. The community well is almost dry and needs to be dug deeper. Problem is a big rock at the bottom of the hand dug well and need a jackhammer for several days. A $400 cost they have not been able to afford. I had emptied the bank for fuel, drinks and just incase funds for travel. Then ended up giveing all I had and promising a bit more. So now they should be able, before the rains start, to get it done. This should make witnessing for our preacher easier. They then insisted on feeding all of us. I had 3 preachers, a welder

(just wanted to see) and 3 kids with me. We went to a home overlooking the hydroelectric plant lake. Beautiful, just sitting on the porch of a $500 dollar home with a million dollar view, all the men talking. Covering your drinks from the chickens rustling in the roof above us. They killed a chicken to add it to the beans on the fire. Not wise to bring attention to yourself when you are considered food.  Our two girls jumped in to help. Raided the chickens for eggs and lunch was served. A major sacrifice for this family.
We continued to Eyes of Water to talk to Omar the young man donating the land to build a church building. It was determined he would donate the land but we would compensate him for the loss of fruit trees. They are part of his livelyhood. $25 per tree and it looks like we will cut 6 to build. We go to the lawyer on Monday to make it official(if there is gas money by then). Then we can build. The town has offered a load of sand and another man offered the rock to build the front retaining wall that will level the site to build on. Afterward prayer for Omar and his family and an impromtu church service. Our girls sang with MarcAntonio, handed out some bibles and watching our sometimes welder Pedro help folks find passages, and our preacher preach a strong message about idolitry, worshiping and praying to catholic saints getting amens from this village…that was a blessing! After the chuch service another meal (provided by Omar's family) given to all the church attending. We rush out in an attempt to get to our last stop back in the city and hour+ away. Invited to a fathers day service in La Cruz. A time of fellowship and fun..The first man saved from the addiction outreach gave his testimony. It was good, but I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open... And then more food. I think we are making a baptist brand of christians, food offered at every event. As it will be in heaven I think… Amen! Getting everyone home and getting into bed is a bit of a blur… I must have made it because I woke up there…Thank you LORD for a good day.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour.


At March 21, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

eventufl day! Praise the Lord for all the work, both physically and spiritually, that you and he accomplished!

At March 21, 2014 at 12:47 PM, Blogger Honduras Missions said...

Thank You Nancy PTL


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