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Friday, November 27, 2015


Jr has finished lifting another missionaries kia but wheels have not arrived yet so he put on our old ones to test drive it. Runs great. Still need to finish the rack and seating but it is sidelined for a time because of a more urgent problem. We had neighbors in the area who kept turning on the water out by the road and running our pump dry which burns up the pump. What we did not know until we tried to pull it is there is a problem in the casing. Either it broke and shifted  when we had an earthquake months back or the overheated water from the pump melted  the pvc casing... only needs 100 degree water which the pump could have done. So we have no good options. Best option is redrill an new well... this one took us 8 years and lots of money.
A new one will be about $25,000. Second option break off the pump let fall back down and use the top half of the well water. Problems are:
1...we do not know where the pump/pipe will break as we pull on it, might break high making well very shallow usable. Can use a backhoe to lift and break it.
2 breaks low and we end up with half a well. But we ran dry on the full well we will magnify that issue being shallower. Plus we have no idea how far up the damage continues in the casing is until we trial fit a new pump. A pump cost around $1000.
There are no cheap fixes and hauling water daily for a home for children is a full time job alone... limits all other ministry.  Karen is doing better, ministering saints saved the day and operation was paid for she will bed in bed with casts and pins for 3 month and need phy ther when done but should recover fully, amen!
Need prayer, wisdom, provision, because it is a bigger problem than we can do alone... thank you


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