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Monday, August 10, 2009

Living by Faith

Just a few photos to help with the last emails.. Lisa is back home and doing well, just sore. She was glad they went early. While there they ate at the new mall. Someone set a portable Ice skating rink up in the mall next to the presidents house… and had long lines of people wanting to try it. What a contrasting event. Political unrest in tropical Honduras?(5 people with a piñata wanting Zelya back) …VS… Long lines waiting for a chance to try Ice Skating near the Honduran “White House”….hmmm. From our news perspective the townhall unrest in the USA is a greater political unrest…

The church building is almost to the top of all the windows. Bro Marcotulio is our jobsite boss and laborer. He hurt his back, so we took him to get it x-rayed and Lisa’s doc took care of him. The church went forward without enough funds to lay the foundation. Wednesday, before services, the treasurer announced the funds for the church. Even with all the expenditures thus far, they have more funds than when they started. Everyone was surprised. God is so good. Folks in the neighborhood have even helped. What a lesson, stepping out by faith and the LORD guides and keeps your steps. Long ways yet to go and still very short on what’s needed but in ring side seats to see what the LORD does next…
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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