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Monday, August 9, 2010

A field.. Green, unto harvest...

Our first church outreach on the Honduran local military base was great. Marc Antonio arrange for us to enter and present the gospel to the 101 Infantry Brigade.(the men guarding the border last year during the political stuff) It went over very well. Seven soldiers came forward for salvation, including the master sergeant in charge. Every soldier got a bible and a health kit with a tooth brush, soap, comb and a tract. To clean their mouths, bodies and hearts… Every one was pleased and they may allow us to do this regularly. Pray this door is opened for the sake of the gospel. The two ladies(kitchen help) were looking over the back wall and followed along in the Bibles we gave them as well. A field still white...uh or green?

I will be posting about the container soo
n and putting up a needs/wish list for churches wanting to help with the food drive and supplies needed. It looks like it will ship from OH in Oct at the moment. Still need more funds for shipping but it has mostly been covered. AMEN!

Please keep us in prayer. As many of you know we always carry a heavy load, and we will be taking in possibly 6 more children in the coming weeks… We are also arranging more permanent papers for 3 of the children we have now who emotionally need the idea they belong to us, and call us mom and dad. It will allow us to arrange for visas and travel with them in the future and possibly visit churches in the USA.
unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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