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Monday, December 27, 2010

Simply Beautiful

Just wanted to share a scene from the last few days. We were returning from the mountain church services this weekend, looking out over the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Fonseca as the sun was setting. The elevation is more than 3000 feet driving along the ridge of the mountain you can look down on both sides. In the distance is our property the Children’s Lighthouse, Choluteca, in the far distance is El Salvador to the right and Nicaragua to the left. The temperature up there is in the mid 70s dry and beautiful. The stars came out later bright, above the haze of the city you see so many more. What was even brighter were the souls that called on the name of the LORD this weekend. Now for the Choluteca twist to the beautiful events…
We ended up getting a flat on the Unimog later. Huge tires, no jack, lug wrench or spare on a Christmas holiday night with a truckload of children… But that was after it ran low on PS fluid and brake fluid…. How to fix. Sing praises unto the LORD and pay a man to sleep on the Unimog and leave till the next day to fix it. Hitch a ride home like everyone else does… Wee. Need to get a vehicle fixed to p/u visitors tomorrow in the capital as well as Pastor Augusto and hopefully some paperwork for the container that is coming.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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