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Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad from Honduras Missions

After the late night ambulance trip into the mountains a few days ago, the kia is down. It is at a mechanic right now, will know more after Christmas. Last week we were wondering how everything was going to get done, but as always the LORD provides often through his ministering saints. We were given the use of a mining truck called a Unimog (actually a 40 yr old Mercedes Benz military truck that has the same size engine as the kia, just on monster tires and tractor gears) for the week since they are not using it over the holidays. We have a go anywhere vehicle till Jan 3rd. Jr says it makes the kia look like a girly car. Wish we had one of these all the time.

Ministering Saints provided gifts and some clothes for the children. And we were able to take the children in to a nice shoe store and pick up new shoes. All provided by the LORD through the hearts of his ministering saints. THANK YOU. After shopping was done. Lisa wanted to deliver her food baskets for folks in the mountains and city and let the Kids do some visiting. We loaded up all 25 of us in the Unimog and off we went. The last time Lisa visited one location was the last time we had the Unimog 4 years ago. It was a long day that wore everyone out bouncing around in the back of the truck…they all really like the “luxury” of the kia now. The Unimog goes anywhere but your body pays a price Your arms, legs, back, neck and stomach muscles are tense all the time, just holding on… and sleep comes easy. Tomm we head back up a different mountain for church services Saturday and Sunday. Today is Lisa and my 27th anniversary…. I’m taking her out in the Unimog… how romantic.

Thank You all for the prayers and wonderful ministering Saints the LORD uses and makes all the ministry here possible. AMEN! Feliz Navidad


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