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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A week in pictures Ex 33:14

The LORD’s ministry in Honduras is never dull. Whether we are packing 40 people into a 6-passenger vehicle or driving as a ambulance in the middle of the night or simply preparing a meal for 30 from market food, it is never insipid. I meant for this visit to have less pressure than most, more of a time of fellowship with a friend. Yet even with a more relaxed mindset, much was accomplished. Several adults made professions of faith, some reconciled, and many taught. Some electric repaired. Hearts were softened toward the things of God.

As I scan through the photos from the last week it is hard to describe the events. Lots of laughs and smiles. A week filled with joys of just being. Lives were touched on every side. Salvation decisions, reconciliations, changed hearts, I think the visitors had some soul searching take place. In all a great time of fellowship. It is easy to sleep at night when your body is tired and your heart hears “well done” from the Spirit of the LORD. Oft times I have our children come up to me and rest or cling or fall asleep in my arms, but rarely do I get photos. Our visitors got a few. Oh for the day we too can fall into the Savoiur’s arms in an eternal rest for such is the Kingdom of Heaven…Amen.
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