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Monday, January 3, 2011

We'll work till Jesus comes.... Then we rest

This is always a busy time of year for us. Christmas, New Years is enough for most, but when you add our wedding anniversary, my birthday, visiting Americans, substitute pastoring, a shipping container and a broke down vehicle, to the mix on top of our regular load, it gets a little hectic. A good friend pastor Wellington is here visiting with 2 church members, Andrew and Amanda. In usual Honduras fashion we also temp fix the kia to get it to the dealer to be repaired because the dealer says they have all the needed parts. We head up to meet the incoming plane of visitors planning to stop at the car dealer after. The snow in the USA keeps part of the group from arriving till the following day. Arrive at the dealer and they say no problem to repair and show me the new parts. Ok install them and we can be on the road in the afternoon (to return up the mountain in the morning again) Nope they do not finish, so no car. After numerous calls we stay in the capital at a friends house. Go to the dealer the next day to find they only installed the “extra parts”, read; the parts not needed unless the broken part was replaced… that ended up being the wrong part. IE sir we replaced all the parts except the main part you came in for that was bad… here’s your bill have a nice day, no time to argue. Call Pastor Augusto to meet him and p/u his truckload of supplies from the inner city to take to the mountain when we visit his church the following day, then time to run to the airport and head home. Only to sit in construction traffic on the only exit road from the city, not moving long enough to loose any hope of making it back for evening church service. But arrive to a hot meal by Lisa and time for bed. Amen. We begin our adventures by ending the New Year and a few home grown Honduran fireworks (besides Chinese ones are way too expensive… and safe). Anyone over 40 knows what they use to be like… They’re much more dangerous here. Then the next day preaching in New Jerusalem Baptist in the mountains and delivering Pastor Augustos supplies... With the still broken kia. Why? The unimog got another flat but this time it made it to a tire shop where we left it. Good service with Andrew preaching and Jr interpreting. Sunday Andrew preached again and Wellington to preach the evening service which was a not so surprise birthday for me afterwards. But 15 minutes before church an emergency call from the mountain and the kia is and ambulance bringin someone down from the mountain again… The church was full for the evening service with several pastors present. After service each came forward and gave testimonies. Pastor Ramon talked about Ana Christina who is now 5 years old. She is the baby the LORD allowed us to arrange a radical life saving heart surgery 4 years ago. It was a humbling time as church folks came and shared stories, sang and shared. All I can say is thank you LORD for allowing this unworthy servant to play a part in your miracles. The men are out preaching in the mission outreaches at the moment. Amen!


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