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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tsunami Baptisms

What do you do when its at the end of your dry season and the rivers are dry and there is a tsunami warning… Baptize of course. Actually the warning was last week and the beaches were hammered and lost a lot of frontage. When the church arrived, the waves were heavy. When it came time to baptize the 8 folks waters went calm for just the time needed… Amen! It was a double service Honduran fathers day preaching at 8am followed by baptisms then lunch more preaching at 2pm then free time of fellowship. In all, a great day in the LORD. Since there were not enough seats some of the guys hung their hammocks for service
La Cruz Baptist rented a bus, packed it and took the whole church with a few extra cars. I could not bring our family due to our transportation issue… The KIA is at the dealer being assessed and prayerfully fixed this week. We loaded it on the trailer and a friend towed it up the mountain 3 hours. Amen! Broke the axle on the trailer and lost a tire but made it back. Our well pump died again Sat night and in the process of pulling it up it broke off and fell down the well …again. We have 2 days in retrieving it and still no joy.

The car we borrowed blew the radiator this morning, It got fixed after I dropped the kids off. Then proceeded to pick up 100+ gal of drinking water + 8gals of Juice in a jeep… Which is what I started out doing 6 hours earlier. 2 steps forward 3 back some days…
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Here is a story Lisa posted about the day…

I must first say that I gave the kids Albendezol 2 days ago.
(pills to clean out intestinal parasites) as we do every 6 months.
Also, as seems to be typical here, (for us anyway) our well pump decided to quit running on a Sunday. To make it ...even more fun and challanging, the pump came lose from the security cable and fell
all the way down into the well, thats 270 feet...oops. (Jr. wanted to go fishing anyway, ha ha) To make it even more exciting, that's when the kids decided to clean our pila (small above ground water storage tank) because it seemed dirty to them, IE: they drained
all the water out of it. So, we have not had water since yesterday.
So, no way to flush toilets, do laundry, take showers or wash the
dishes for more than 24 hours now. Yes, that's right..I know what you are thinking. Phew!!! Well, with all that background laid out..lets get to the horror story: I was in the kitchen preparing soup for lunch when I heard our great danes, Liberty and Justice barking from the bathroom. I didn't think much of it because they probably got shut in there again. (the door only swings in) I went to let them out
and noticed they were jumping and barking at the toilet. My typical response was, "no Justice and Liberty you can't drink out of the toilet." I pulled them out of the bathroom only to have them run back and continue the jumping and barking at the toilet. Then....my eyes caught something...under the lid of the toilet seat...I could see movement..."ooohhhh--- noooo" is what I was thinking, this cannot be good. Do you know how may tropical type of creatures can get into a toilet bowl? LOTS!!! With the kids surrounding me trembling in fear, I said "hey Toño (13 years old), go see what's in the toilet bowl!" He said in a very macho way, "I'm not looking in there!" I laughed and proceed into the bathroom to lift the toilet seat....!!!Ahhhhhhh!!! I jump back and every kid runs from the bathroom as very long and fat intestinal round worms started to leap out of the toilet bowl at us
and falling to the floor. What to do....what to do...we have no water,
the dogs are going nuts, the kids are screaming, there is a fountain of worms coming out of the boys bathroom toilet and I can't flush'em. Ok, lets try the broom and dust pan...Well, that didn't work. It's like trying to pick up spaghetti with a spoon. Ok, the shovel...nope,
same results. I tried to step on them but it seemed they just wouldn't die. I did the only thing I could do, even though it was extemely scarey and gross. Again, I know what you are thinking...NO, SHE DIDN"T! Yes, I did, I picked up the worms with my hands and threw them back into the toilet and took one of our last 5 gallon jugs of drinking water and flushed them down the toilet. Yeah!!!! Success.
But then....wait a minute...I just picked up intestinal worms with my hands...I have no water...I can't wash my hands, !!!!Ahhhhhhh!!!. I laughed and said to the kids as I headed to get my anti-microbial
betadine surgical scrub soap someone sent me...WHO WANTS A HUG!!!!! Can you believe they all ran???? Well, that's gratitude for you. To answer your question, The round worms were a result of the
medicine I gave them to....It seems to be working. Also, I cleaned my hands with the above said soap and used a few bags of drinking water to rinse them. To make double sure, I poured rubbing alcohol on them too. Sitting down after that incident a particular passage of scripture came to mind, Mark 9: 39-50....to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: Where their worm dieth not, ...


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