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Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Baptisms

Been a long month. Lots happening and little time for city time.. IE internet posts. I have tried to post from a phone but it fails to load. Here is a photo page from yesterday, Jr taking folks from San Geranimo to the river for baptisms. 25 people loaded into the 800cc micro p/u and off they went. Marc Antonio performed the baptisms of those he has won and taught. AMEN! Had birthdays for 2 of our Lighthouse kids yesterday as well. Lisa will be traveling to the USA tomorrow. She will be stateside for a few weeks. Going to our daughter graduation trying to get a few medical tests done if funds allow ect. The KIa is back on the road with a new motor. The well pump was fixed as well. Several american groups in the past month with preaching in every area including over the border in Nicaragua. We have also been battling spiritual wickedness in all forms in all fronts. Always need prayer. Had Iris's older sister show up with a friend who was trying to give us her baby. Had a hard truth talk with them. Her friend was also a friend of Nancy, she shared Nancy is now working as a prostitute... Heartbreaking. There is heartbreak all around us. Often its like watching a bad trainwreck live but in slow motion. And nothing you do seems to help. I believe spiritual wickedness is working without rest now days... Because I sure dont get any. Keep us in prayer and I will try to get my post back to a regular timing.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At May 8, 2011 at 10:24 PM, Blogger Victor and Shelly McCanne said...

Glad to see a post! You all have been heavy on our hearts and we have been praying for you all often! Praise the Lord the Kia is back and the well pump is fixed. We will be praying for you all while Lisa is gone, and for Lisa too. Love you all!! The McCanne's


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