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Monday, June 20, 2011

Capture the moments when you can...

Some things are harder than they need be… Good Thursday service in the new outreach with 3 adults and 2 teen professions of faith. Amen! Saturday, preached in the mountain church of Lenaca with a strong message to the young adults. But on way up the 4wd quit working in the pouring rain. Had to push a little harder to make it, then a tire went flat. We got it back down off the mountain but it was late on Sat, tire places closed Sunday, and need to leave early Monday morning to airport so Lisa can return to States for more tests so we know what comes next. As we arrive home Saturday the electric power goes out, so the local tire guy (we know were he lives) could not do anything, Power stays out till Monday afternoon. Sunday Morning Jr works to weld another center pole for the tent for church services. After church head to town to get tire fixed (hopefully). Found one shop but he could only put a tube in it. Ok back up and running for Monday am. Lisa packs her bags Sunday in night by flashlight. Head out with Lisa and the girls and the tire blows half way into the trip. Change it and arrive late to airport. (had a wow moment as we passed a new installation of huge power generating windmills…Wonder where Honduras got money for those??) All checked in, in the nick of time, say goodbys, load up the kids and head out only to get a panic tearful call from Lisa. Immigrations pulled her out and will not let her leave because our visas are not current… Run back in and argue with immigration that they can’t keep a US citizen in Honduras. I prevail but it might come at a cost later because they will give us a hard time when she comes back. (Our visas are expired and we need to renew them) Lisa makes it on the plane as they are closing the doors. She finds her seat with the Honduran national soccer team. She asks for photos and autographs but said none would allow it. Head back down mountain with no spare and near dead battery in phone. Wee. As we got closer to Choluteca I opt for a rest moment by the ocean. The girls walk along the beach only to dive in with their Sunday dresses on a few minutes later. All I could do is smile at their carefree spirit after the days events. I watched a young man begin to fish with just a homemade hook and a line and a rock. He would sling it out a draw it back and caught 5 small fish for his supper. No special lures, no pole, no lead weights. Got back to dinner that Lisa had put in the roaster just hoping for Electric to come back on which it did. Amen! Having a video for family devotion tonight “A Vow to Cherish”… The kids choice, hmm. Lisa is in Panama waiting for her connection as I write this. Her exams are Thursday. Keep praying we need each and every one...


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