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Sunday, May 15, 2011

We'Work Till....

Great day today. Managed to get the well pump out and reinstalled last night and we have water without another major expense. The first sunday service turned out well. Ended up with 75 showing up after a bit of a wait. Came time for the service to start and only 3 young girls had showed up. Pastor Augusto was about to change his message when the older man from across the street began to come across the road and slowly for the next 30 minutes the neigborhood came. 75 in all. With a few teen boys outside the gate all service cutting up. Between them and the bus and trucks passing it was difficult to hear a few times but the message fell on soft ears. It was a little surprising to see a few folks for they had given us difficulty in the past year. Most were from a catholic background. The preaching went long and only a few children left because they need to go to the catholic meeting... but most stayed. The older man across the street stood for a testamony that was basicly, "its about time we started a church", but in a good way. The girls sang their song but were a little timid seeing all the eyes on them. Jenny got out of her public appearance shell and helped with music. Even Alba and her mom rode a bus out to attend. Afterwards Alba asked me to pray with her privately. It was sweet. Near the end of service, we asked again who wants to come back thursday for more bible study...all hands went up. So I believe we have begun. Now time to teach, win and grow them. AMEN! I think a church building is going to be needed in short order though. The fields are still white in Honduras so the time is not yet to quit or go be called home... We'll work till Jesus comes...


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