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Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Greater Joy than to hear my children walk in truth..

Few shots of the service today. Had no electric most of the day. So the pa system went out just as we needed it. Lite drizzling rain as well, but still a good crowd, only after a long wait again... have to work on that at some point but more pressing issues first. Was asked if two other churches could join our services... not sure what that means if anything just yet if anything. It's an open tent all are welcome to listen to good ol preaching. We already have a few regulars. Lots to teach and do again. Just like all the others church plants each one unique but in truth all in need of the same things...

The photo is of Karen on my shoulder. One of the other children was playing with my phone and snap..keeper. The children we have keep me going. Without them I would have run out of strengh long ago. They seem intuitive as to when I need a boost. Got a note from Iris, Enrique, Lenin and Korina today. I am posting Korina's. If you can read spanish please do. Suffice to say she ends it with I Love You and 1 John 1:4 no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth. Such wisdom for an 11 year old. She has no idea of the issues and burdens that were weighing me down today. But the LORD gave her just the right things to say to lighten the load and give hope...

It was Lisa's birthday today and she got some of her medical tests back... which say needs more tests. She will be returning to Honduras the 29th. Still no options on dental work. Need lots of prayer on every front. Personal, finances, work, health, ect please leave no stone unturned...we need it. Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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