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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are many perishing amidst our pleasure?

Lisa is back, and we are already eating better even though were are low on food. She makes much from little, I make little from much. Thankfully she made 3 gallons of special sauces before she left that could be put on almost anything to make it taste good. I asked one of the kids in the last week after he said he wanted momi to return. What do you miss about momi ..her cooking. Here kids here's your burned cardboard smothered with moms sauce...result yum. Passes but somehow lacks. As she rolled into the driveway all 21 kids ran out momi momi momi only outdone by our great dane who pushed her way to the door of the car first, impeding her exit. She later went into our bare kitchen and whipped up dinner from what we thought was nothing. While in the states she was able to get some of the medical tests done before she left, but need prayer. We don't know the results as yet but it was not sounding good. Our daughter Kimbra's work donated some toys for the children that Lisa brought back. Great since we have BDs coming up.
Last Thursday at our newest outreach I taught the history of the spanish Bible. It touched on the topic of the spanish inquisition. Sunday the crowd was much less. Not sure if there was a link but seems to be. Time will tell. Preparing for a service tonight. Our neighbor Reina came forward to reconcile with the LORD Sunday. So even with a lower turnout it was a great blessing. It is a new work so things are still in a state of flux... After one of our power outages, had the electric company come this week and inform me that they were prorating out electric for the last 18months and we will need to pay 2-300 per month more for the last 18months. Plus reroute the electric to conform to their requirements. That's another $2000 maybe? My heart sank. The next morning when I was trying to leave to pick up Lisa Infha(child services whom we get the children from) showed up with a high boss from the capital. They asked lots of questions filled out lots of paperwork and require us to have some new registration permits. IE more money wanted. And our visas were due this week but could not turn in the applications for lack of funds. Always something... The moma kia blew the engine again as well, did not even make it to the first oil change. We still see folks saved... but seems to come at a heavy toll. Closer to the front line the more damage is expected... Waiting for "the" day of rest. Only then will I not feel ashamed that one is perishing amidst my pleasure... AMen...


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