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Friday, May 13, 2011

Counting the costs...

Had our first service in the Lighthouse Property for reaching the neighborhood. An hour before we start the rains came
hard; then nigh fell black without a moon; Then the power went out before the first person arrived. Scrambling to make it work while Jr is off picking our two high school kids up from school. Got a lamp hooked up to the kia and headlights shining in the back. Real cozy like in our 10x 30 space. Yet amazingly 30+ people showed up. Walking from up to a mile away in the pouring rain and dark. It was our lighthouse kids that have been pushing to start. They invited friends and families to come from the school. Just like when we started La Crus Baptist... In the rain and dark shining the only light in the area. Jr arrives and does a quick rewire on the building to hook up a generator and presto a few lights. The only photo was while everyone was still arriving as I tried to get lights up and running. All this for 3 adults hands and several children for salvation. Amen! I asked who wanted to have a second service on Sunday and all hands went up. So our next service is Sunday at 2pm. OK service is over its 9pm, time to get the kids home and shut down and get them fed and bathed for school. But no electric, no water, no cell services, no fan to sleep with..and it hot and very humid. Weee. Next day still out and no water. When electric did come on we found our new pump might have burned up from low voltage...again. Sooo tomm we will pull the pump out of the well, again... What does it cost you to go to church?

Wanted to add this clip of the girls practicing a song for church. I caught them on the cell phone so its poor quality. If they would have know I was recording I would have got nothing so it is what it is. I like it just turn the volume up.. AMEN. Patricia, Julie, Corinna, Kathryn and Jenny guiding GIRLS SING Just click here


At May 16, 2011 at 9:45 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

It's been SO long since I've been on your blog to get an update. It is always a blessing to my heart to watch God work in and through your lives over there in Honduras! :) You're all loved a lot and prayed for. Praise God for the decisions for salvation that were made because of you being faithful and holding your first service there at the "Lighthouse"!! Love you all...keep pressing on!

At May 16, 2011 at 9:48 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

It was a blessing to hear the girls singing too, I love to listen to them when you upload the videos!!


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