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Thursday, July 7, 2011


The time for Bob and Andy is ending. Here are some random pictures of their time here. They visited Los Tererros, Preached in Lenaca, St Teresa, Choluteca, and Las Cabañas. Preach where you must scream over the rain, and walk in the mud, delivered supplies on the mountain and bounced in the kia. Ricardo was singing in church but the noise is the heavy rain on the tent. The kids as always touch the hearts more than the rest. From Fernandos grin covering up a real handful kid, to the hugs from a few to say goodnight or goodbye. It has been a time of fellowship of old friends. Last night was an emergency of sorts. Had a church member’s child fall and jam his teeth up into his gums. Jr had the Kia up in the mountain so I called other folks who came and took him to the Dr. Ermita left church and opened her office to pull 3 teeth and put in stitches…Never a dull moment even when we try…


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