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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friends Prov. 17:17

Some old friends came for a visit this week. Andy and his dad Bob are here. I picked them up at the airport Thursday and brought a dozen kids with me. Since the last names of Andy and his dad are similar to ours the kids automatically called them uncle Andy and grandpa. On the way back we stopped to stretch our legs at the roadside zoo the kids enjoy. We made it back just in time for evening service and Bob preached and several raised hands for salvation including our neighbor’s brother. Headed out yesterday to get food, drivers license, water, gasoline, and propane. To my amazement got it all done but the propane. I would have got that too but “grandpa” bought ice-cream for the kids and it would have melted had I driven all the way to get propane… So ice-cream and grandpas trump cooking fuel… We also visited up the mountain with Pastor Augusto and an order for 150 belts was placed. I thought he would almost cry for it was an answer to prayers for him because he did not even have the $5 for some medicine he needed for an infection. We are trying to market his leather goods in the USA to anyone who would rather buy a “Made by a local New Testament Church” label over “Made in China”. It is our “All things in Common” idea, to me it is a no brainer but getting it under the right eyes to see. Like a Christian organization, bookstore, college ect who might sell Bible covers, belts or other leather goods, We give them an opportunity to walk more circumspectly, biblically, and offer a quality product to sell that is not made in communist china whereas they are helping a local church propagate the gospel…win win on all sides. In other words; we supply their want and they supply our want. 2 Cor 8:12-15, Acts 2:44. Amen.

Lisa got the results back, It is kind of confusing to me and need to talk to her about it more. It was a negative result, which was great news. But, she was also listed as hi risk of reoccurring cancer? They tested the tissue around the lump and it was negative but the lump was not categorized. Nor do we know if any of the multiple others are at issue. And the grant she qualified for provided no more testing. So good news, but still in a quandary of unknown. All they said is she needs to be monitored frequently and have more test done Now we must figure out what else should be done, find a way to get her back home, and figure how to do it. So the prayers are working and we need more.


At July 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Well Praise the LORD it looks to be non cancerous for now!! Praying it stays that way! Still praying for you guys!!


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