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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does God have a sense of humor?

Was able to visit with Pastor Santos finally and help him deliver food to many church members that are hurting this Christmas. We took up about 4000lbs of rice, beans oil ect. His 2 sons and daughter are working the cain fields to help the family. They leave at 3am and return by 8pm and make $15-20 between the 3 of them depending on how much they harvest. It is hard dirty work and they return black like coal miners. It is dangerous work for a teenage girl so she must stay very close to her brothers. It was a difficult food delivery all the way around. Pastor Santos called and said he was ready but I got cut off when my phone ran out of minutes. It took me almost an hour to remedy the situation. Finally figured out directions hop in the truck to leave and child services shows up to visit, with other ministries they are asking to take children, using us as a model to see how we run things. (they confuse me) Thankfully it was one of the better moments when things were running smoothly. Kids all helping, Lisa putting out lunch (a kinda fancy one at that) and of course they stayed for lunch…they always seem to time visits about when Lisa serves lunch or dinner. Jr was putting on some roof panels over the new washing space. Some kids playing instruction games, some doing chores, just everyone about the days duities. They finally leave and I do too. Had to go south to pick up the food then head up the mountain to Lenaca delivering it all. The 4wd died in the Kia Sunday on the last trip to Santa Teresa. Another real expensive repair, the kia is showing its age and honduran abuse, it has carried litterally millions pounds up these mountians and lives in 4wd mode. (only 250 trips is a million lbs and we have done many more than that) So it makes the mountian trips much harder and beats the kia even more trying to make the steep rough grades before stalling the engine. Backing down loaded for a second attempt is even scarier. It would be impossible in the rainy season.
Pastor Santos is doing much better after the time in the hospital (same time as Cindy’s operation). they carried him down the mountain in a hammock. I am still not 100% sure what he had but from the meds and description it seems to be like meningitis. We picked up some more medicine for him as well. It was a scary week for the family and I was oblivious because my phone speaker is dead to talk and those in his family using his phone did not know how to text message. So our line of communication faltered. We have so many in great need right now but the container is still stuck in port and the past due monies are through the roof. Yet I am still being told soon don’t worry its under control…hmmm.
The Christmas shoebox container is ready to ship as well.

Had a laugh out loud moment this morning as I was reading and overheard two of the younger children laughing and playing with the new puppy. Why do we have a new puppy? I’ll come back to that point. The puppy began to lick one child and the other reprimanded them and said. “Don’t let the dog lick your face, that’s adultery”…??? I just laughed. Now, why do we have a puppy? Lisa and some of the girls were out yesterday and saw the puppy on the side of the road with a sign. They stopped fell in love and got her for "me"
as a Christmas present, seeing that it is an “Alaskan” dog, me being from there… This is akin to the joke of the young boy out shopping for Christmas presents with his grandfather. The grandfather tells him to go find what he wants to give to others and bring it to the check out counter. As the grandfather prepares to check out the boy arrives and puts a shiny new bb gun on the counter to purchase. The grandfather eyes the gun then turns to the boy. The boy promptly speaks up “But grandpa the bb gun is for grandma”… I could argue, but what’s the point I’m not going to win.. :) Just let them enjoy and play with it and I'll clean up after it later, besides its hard not to feel sorry for her. Not sure what great sin an Alaskan dog has to commit to be born in the very hot tropics of Honduras… maybe the LORD just wanted this old polar bear(me) to have company in my sweaty irony. It's my dog but look who its sleeping with...


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