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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yuck. I like bugs and things, I was even intrigued by this latest new bug the boys brought me called a chinche. It was crawling on my desk as I observed. Also known as the kissing bug… Intrigued, that is until I looked it up….splat, now it is know as a pretty dead bug. Numb tongue scorpion stings are no big deal now. This innocent looking beautiful little stinky bug is deadly. A slow agonizing death at that. What does it do? It comes out at night, follows your breath to your face, bites and eats your face, digests your blood, then poops in the sore. The poop contains a parasite that enters your nervous system and causes light flu like symptoms off and on for up to 20 years then comes alive and you either die from your digestive system failure followed body starvation or from your heart swelling up and basically exploding. There is a test and medicine to kill the parasite but only if you catch it early. If you wait years…there is no cure, you simply die. Wee.
Also had the tires and wheels stolen off our trailer last night and the church broke into and messed up again..… SOoo not only do we have to worry about feeding all the mouths every week, or being stabbed again (not since we moved out of the city has that happened) or the many other maladies we face here. (Got ran off the road this evening by a bus passing and he ran the oncoming car off the road too, The bus had an 8 foot sign Jesus lives on the full across mudflap with an “artistic” rendering of him). After 6 years I discover there is a face eating beetle that poops on your face that and you can die from some years after said event… oh weee. There’s no place like home.

Lisa made a 12” cookie and the kids are doing the math it took to make it in order to win it… Taking them a lot longer than it should have…
Multitasking in the USA- having more than one app open on your computer…
Multitasking in Honduras- A lady walking down the highway balancing a full 6 gal bucket on her head while carrying a second bucket with a toddler attached, calling out to sell tortillas, whilst publicly breast feeding her infant. (Seen today) I also followed a family of 5 on a motorcycle; Toddler on gas tank, Dad driving, toddler between Mom and dad, Mom sitting side saddle in a skirt nursing and infant…on a 125 cc motorcycle dodging foot deep potholes and on coming cars that give no respect and force them to drive on the side of highway…only one with a helmet...the driver, because its required and it comes with the motorcycle. A large basket of groceries tied on the handlbars. I also saw a man on a bicycle with a regular size refrigerator tied on the rear book rack going through town in traffic. Had I not seen it I would have said it was impossible. Different world we live in now.

Heading up the mountain to preach tomorrow with the crunching 4x4 transfer case in the kia… I don’t say it in jest or lightly, we need your continued prayers… Amen. We live here by the prayers and hearts of God’s ministering saints. Thank You and Merry Christmas from Honduras.


At December 17, 2011 at 7:20 PM, Blogger Elliott Parfitt said...

I'll be praying for the trip up the mountain tomorrow...don't let the face-bugs bite;-(

At December 17, 2011 at 9:50 PM, Blogger Robin said...

OH MY SOUL!! WOW!!! Crazy about that bug!!

Praying for mountain trip!

Praising the LORD none of the boys or you were bit by that bug. Wow...still in shock!!!


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