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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nothing is simple

Had a fruitful meeting of the preachers today, 8 in all attended. Consensus was they want meetings much more frequently. Lisa was doing triple duty today. Keeping the school running, baking BD cakes for 2 people and making Chinese food for pastors and kids for lunch…(thankfully Jr was able to repair her mixer, worn out shaft pin inside.) The LORD provided some study Bibles for the pastors, plus bibles and tracts to hand out. Need to get in a new supply somehow. Several issues were discussed and I am amazed at the wisdom and hearts in these men. Because of this meeting and the men sharing their hearts, we now have a couple of new areas for church plants. There is a group of people who have been asking some of the pastors for meetings at the base of one of the mountains when we pass by. After a time of discussing who they were, it was learned that one of these families was responsible for killing one of the pastors brothers… The same pastor then asked to be the one to go and witness to them with another pastor to begin the inroads of a church plant. A humbling moment for me. It was also shared that the plan is to erect 2 small church meeting houses by the end of the year both in the mountains. One to replace a falling down one and the other a new construction. Amen! Both very needful and been trying to raise funds to do something for years did not know this was the door the LORD would use. It is the inheritance my mom left us when she passed suddenly last month. It is not enough to do things “right” (ie no windows doors ect, just a small building, walls roof and a floor) but with prayer and the Holy Spirit working on hearts to help I think we can do it. Several men offered volunteer labor, prayerfully a few more funds to help will come in to help finish them. So the plan is to start in a couple of weeks. Hope the kia holds together enough to lift 2 more church buildings up the mountain. Nothing is simple...

We also dealt with some of the spiritual battles facing the ministry and ask for prayer to resolve them. They seem so simple to fix but when it comes to matters of the heart and pride nothing is simple.

Better news, one pastor has begun a plan of house to house church services with the youth. He has found it opens doors not previously open. It is considered a privilege to have a church service in your home here. So the young people have been asking those families who would not consider “going” to a baptist church, nor would let the pastor preach, if they would allow them(the young people) to hold a church service in their home. The response has been most often yes. They then also invite a few family and neighbors. We picked up a couple of Coleman lanterns to allow night services in the mountains(no electric). Inroads have already been made. The Pastor told of how one man said yes but told them he would just sit in his room and listen, by the middle of the service he had moved into where the preaching was taking place… I have found we must go the extra mile.. twice here in order to get an equal hearing. And since the meeting got over late I had to make mountain runs to take the men back and the blessings the LORD provided…long, difficult and emotional day but a fruitful day that was edifying.  Nothing is simple but Thank You LORD.

Lisa was asked to bake birthday cakes by one of our teachers for her mom and a student for her little sister. Unknown to Lisa the local priest told our student’s family Lisa would not do it. But out of love for the student Lisa did plus a small gift bag over to the surprise of all. Making inroads any way you can. It is a family of eight without much of anything. The little girl was scared to death at first even more so with the camera pointed at her, but smiles came later off camera… For the teacher’s mom Lisa took photos of her on the same day as school photos were taken then did her glamour shot talent to make her 20 years younger and applied the photo to the cake… What a surprise. She did not recognize herself. …nothing is simple... Lisa just makes it look that way.
Please keep our many prayer requests before the throne of grace.

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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