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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Medical care Honduras style

Jr hurt his thumb mechanic"ing". Punched it through from the bottom and ripped the nail off on the top. We attempted to clean him  up but the grease was going to need a good ie very painful scrubbing. So we went to town and visited 3 different doctors. First for advice and possible cleaning, he advised an xray and did not have all that was needed. Went to get the Xray (across town), in and out, but did not have someone clean it. So we went to our local dentist and borrowed what we needed. Needle, numbing meds ect and picked up the other supplies we needed at a pharmacy then went home. He broke the very tip of his thumb so not much anyone can do except bind it well. Returned, numbed him up and cleaned it out, then taped him back together. Cost? less than $50. Lourdes was going to do it but she started shaking too much since it is Jr. I thought it was sweet... just not effective. What is Obcare really going to do for us that we dont already do? 

We were just offered 2 million tracts that should arrive in Feb...Amen! We can put them everywhere then...


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