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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Out go the lights

Been a long few weeks of breakdowns and power outages. Still working on the Kia. It now has a bad oil pump which caused it to eat a cylinder and valve...And we still have not tackled the 4wd problem. Have been without power more times than I can remember. Very hard on electronics and lights. Lights glow real bright then pow nothing for a day or so... Dont know what electic powered thing it kills until the power comes back on. Could have really used a backup low rpm gen set over the past several years. The kinder playground is almost done. Used it a little for church sunday. Just a few more things like finishing the wiring ect. Internet has been mostly off or too frustrating to do much. Our school year is almost over so working on closing our grades ect. Two churches will be having baptismal services so we should have 20-30 baptisms in the next 30 days or so. The well is hooked back up to our hole in the ground not sure when it might cave in. What we will do is still up in the air waiting for some news from the ones who started this phase of help to see what they will still do.
We purchased a bicycle for another pastor to cover for Pastor Ruis who is still down with diabetic issues. After 1.5hrs on the bus it takes him 45mins of hard sweat uphill peddling on bumpy rocks to make it to church (he is 46years old). Yet 18 minutes to make it down to catch the last bus back to town. We really need a few motorcycles for some pastors. Will have a group of young men ready to preach in the coming year. Would help alot. Marc Antonio has near worn his out up and down the mountain preaching. The chinese motorbikes can be purchased here for around $1500. The cheapest Yamaha is a little more than $2000 but they last alot longer. Food for thought. If the internet allows I will try to add a photo page... Please keep us in prayer.


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