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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Water !

The concrete was still wet on the pump house building when the pump arrived. It took all day, but new pump, motor, pipe and control panel are installed in the well. Now to secure it with doors and run all the lines and buy the remaining parts needed. Had it running and pumping at night fall just not plumbed in yet nor does it have things like pressure tank ect. One of the reason it costs so much... all American parts!!! Maybe we will not have to pull it up for 10 years or so. AMEN!(We have pulled the old one 15+ times in 4 years.) Saw it pumping clean, clear cool water, need to test it in a few weeks to see if we can drink it... 

That is the main reason for it.  Amen!

Had an oxcart passing by while working on the well and asked him to pose for a picture. It is a silly photo but shows one of the problems in many churches, families and governments....
The owner of the beat up and abused horse came by looking for it. He showed papers for it and was going to just leave with it. After talking a bit with him and telling him the story and how much in medicine we spent... uh lets just say Julie is now the owner of a currently lame horse... But happy about it.  It seems to be a pattern with us, we seem to collect broken things, broken animals and broken people... cant imagine that being a bad thing.


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