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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A beautiful thing...

Had a great day in the service of the LORD today. Even though it well may have been costly. Had promised to take a mountain church to the river to baptise. After the preachers meeting yesterday the kia began overheating... today it only got worse. Lots of stops and lots of water but made it through the day hauling 50 folks to the river and back. We baptised 14 in believers baptism in a very beautiful setting. Purple flowers in bloom in the background and the water was clear. The photos do it no service. It is easy to picture it much like the Jordan River might have been 2000 years ago. The pastor in this church just opens the door for whosoever will. (That is after many services explaining baptism, including this one.) I was asked to preform the duty and it is an honor and quite humbling. When I enter the water we are not sure if someone will even step in... But step they did, 14 of them. Including a whole family due to the faith of the youngest child. The preteen boy wanted to be baptised for several months and had asked the pastor.

The boy intern needed to ask his dad. Being from a catholic background they refused. The boy persisted in a gentle way and finally the parents went to see the pastor to find what this was all about... And trusted the LORD as Saviour. As did the older siblings. Today they all entered for baptism... Amen!! Got done dropping everyone off, then finally off the mountain with a boiling kia... OH joy cant wait to see what's damaged this time... A tomorrow job, today is time to just rest in the LORD... Amen
Added notes to the blog... One of the young ladies who was afraid of the water because she could not swim paniced a bit when I went to submerge her knocking me backward down the steep bank. I ended up going under so I could lift her out of the water and place her feet on the ground. It made for a good laugh. She went under scared and came up laughing. The last young man to be baptized waited till the last song was sung and about to go to prayer to close the service before making the decision. He had been watching from up stream, instead of walking in close to me like the others, he dove in and swam to me. Already wet but not baptized... The moment we were done with our solemn service and the final prayer, the folks waiting for us to finish jumped in the water and startled me. One from 20 feet up a tree where he had been watching it all. It was a great time. When we got home we
had to rush to get ready for our service and Julie saw a horse in the street that had been hit by a car and was barely standing. She got it in our field and it collapsed. Wounds look bad, She treated them the best she could and put meds on them. It is now 10 hours later and she has it standing and eating and drinking again. Not sure if it will make it or not.


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