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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The old grey mare...

 The horse we seem to have aquired Sunday is still making it. The story now seems it might have been stolen and the man whipping it and pushing it down the street ran off after saying a bunch of bad words when a passing truck knocked the horse down. Julie went out got the horse up and put it in our pasture where it collapsed and would not even lift its head. That was when I came home from baptisms in the mountain. All I saw was a big hole I was going to have to dig. The horse has been starving for a long time, worked hard and beaten and how hit by a truck. But Julie listened to good advice of one of our pastors, placing our healty horse next to it and got it standing, drinking and has been dressing it's wounds (doesnt everyone have tri-tetracycline laying around, uknow just in case a horse gets hit infront of your home?) and it is grazing again. The old grey mare aint what she used to be,.. but might just make it.

Our water well project is still progressing. Building the pump house to put the pump controls ect in a secure dry location. Still need to dig 1000 foot trench to lay all the pipe, but soon it will be done. The kia is dead on the operationg table, still looking for a cyl. head to revive it again.Still needs an injection pump too and that is even more expensive. Out treasure hunting for parts.

Directline ministries is sending a Christmas Shoebox container this year, it is never filled by just shoeboxes and there is always room. So if anyone wants to send anything to Honduras large or in volume now is the time. Please contact Paul Deem at 740-667-6166 to make arrangments. He might even be in your area and can pick things up. Always in need of kids items, toys, mowing construction equip, generators, chairs, tables, food ect ect. We can always use help in funding it as well. There are always many expenses that come with importing a container. But the blessing flow for months even years from each one. This one will have 2million tracts on it.

Our good friend Dr Greg Waller From Truthfortoday Medicamissions was asked to go help the typhoon victims in the Philippines. He dropped what he was doing, collected all the meds he could and "borrowed" from that which he was collecting for another missions trip and left on short notice. He is there now caring for the sick and injured. I know he could use your prayers and help as well. He is a great Dr. and a great soulwinner.


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