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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Preachers meeting / Day of Thanksgiving

We had our preachers meeting and it went well. Not often am I able to get all of our preachers in one location. Considering our guest speaker Osman from the capital was home first, even after a 2.5 hour drive, before I was after taking some of them back to their homes in the mountains. And the kia overheated again... Productive meeting with alot gained and planned and much distributed. The pasters left with a revived fire it seems. It is political season here and it just happened to be today there was a rally by the "traditional" church with 100 deputados and priests and all their families meeting across the road from us...thankfully they did not cause too big a problem. Baptisms tomorrow but not sure if I will make it. Kia overheats in 15 highway minutes... and it is an hour hard ride up. As we prepared to take preachers home we learned while we preached in the Lighthouse, done below the other church gathering across the street...well, someone needed our truck battery more than we did... Little baby Ruth the orphan we placed with one of our pastors has grow much and now walking. Her mother died in child birth and she was born very premature...Hard to tell now... Amen! Mark Antonio is on the mend, Minor the Institute student will soon have the pin pulled out of his collar bone, The preachers have a goal of 20 new church plants by 2020. So even though we are getting older and the loads seem heavier than they once did... we added a bit more. By grace and mercy...Amen!


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