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Monday, January 13, 2014

Light and Life

The Light and Life Baptist Church in San Geronimo had their first Sunday service on the construction site for the new building. 60+ people attended the earlier service and new location. Just so happened a local farm open their field for gleenings at the same hour. The lady living across from the site who has been allowing us to store materials and guarding them at her home, went forward for salvation as well as a town drunk(sober) and 2 others. Steve preached and Pastor Renee... did the invitation. Amen. After we passed by the Lighthouse for lunch with the kids and headed to the mountain and Fountian of Life Baptist church the group helped build last year. Steve gave the message again and Josh and David sang. We had left Josh with Sayder in the city in the morning. He preached the morning service at La Cruz Baptist church finishing their VBS and had 280 in attendance. We returned to a tired church in the evening after a long week of VBS. Keith preached while Josh and Dave and a few children sang lifting a tired group and church. Long day with 4 services in 3 locations...and people say Sunday is a day of rest...


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