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Sunday, January 12, 2014

PMBC day 2

PMBC day 2- Lots more work done. We say in Honduras if one does not work they dont eat, quite biblical. I think one of the men equated it with volume too...If I work alot I can eat alot. Unfortunatly the heat takes the appetite away. All you crave is water. If one is digging a cistern for a black water septic and they sit down to rest in the bottom of it... what would one call that? (_ _ _ _ _ _) Over all a very good day, lots more dug, blocks going up in 3 places, Pipe being layed. alot more materials brought in. But it is taking its toll. Men are feeling the heat. They might go home buff and tanned though. Some are already dark... others are just crispy. One ran and jumped in the water tank, everyone thought he was just cooling off. But he sat in ants... and they were in his pants... Great spirit from everyone. Our young lighthouse boys helped all day. I like our boys around this caliber of men, makes a big impact.


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