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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last week for Sasha

To our ministering saints,
Lisa is still on the mend. She got a spurt of energy and wanted to go shopping and popped out 2 stitches. So more bed rest. So far things look good. She will visit with the doctor next week. The ourpouring of care has been very encouraging. Thank you!

Sasha is finishing up her stay with us. She will be leaving the 31st. Tomorrow is her last day of teaching at the school. This week they were visited by student teachers from one of the tech schools in Choluteca. They all wanted to see the “American” teacher. Sasha said she felt like an animal at the zoo; being watched so much…and that was before she got the peanuts…haha. Hmm but she did leave an empty bag of peanuts in the house after school. She seems to have enjoyed the summer and bonded with many of the kids. Like every thing in Honduras, it’s always harder than need be, to get half the distance, but comes with twice the blessings…Amen!

The church building is still going up. It has been great to see everyone working together. Even the churches in the mountains sending folks down to labor. The building will be ready to install a roof by the end of next week. But not sure if the Church will be though. They purchased all the metal for the trusses and are currently prepping them painting welding ect. (Barry Jr will be doing much of the welding) but will fall about $1800 short for the actual roof panels that need to be purchased. They have already gotten so much further than we thought they would.

The church in Los Terreros is struggling because Pastor Enimesio is having a hard time getting up there. His work has also suffered since he broke his leg totaling the motorcycle. Neither of us have enough funds to buy another one so we are looking for another wrecked motorcycle to make 2 into one. This will help him get up the mountan to the church, do visitation, and help his carpentry work, making him mobile once again. A new 150cc motorcycle is about $1200-$1500. A wrecked one... not sure yet.

The church in San Geronimo is also struggling. The price of the property has dropped once again but as yet still way beyond our reach.

I really do not know how the LORD does it, but we always get through every month. Never enough of anything, physical or spiritual. We are weak in every area and it is only by grace…and mercy, the LORD sustains us another day. It has now been three years on the field, living every day by faith…Had the LORD told me his plan in the beginning, I would have run farther and faster than Jonah. Yet looking back I would not want anything else, just Jesus and his will… Thank you all for making the work here possible and being tender hearted to the Holy Spirit’s call.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


At August 19, 2009 at 7:19 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

Thanks again for the update! It is a blessing to see how God always works things out for you all. Even when it seems impossible, it always excites me to see how He makes it possible!!Praise God for His Mercies that are new every morning! I'm sure that you're all loving up the last few days spent with Sasha! Seems like God has really used her and the time that she has been there. I'm sure that it will be hard to see her leave again. We'll be praying for her and her safe travels. Lisa's recovery and strength for you to keep up with everything will also be our prayer!

God bless you all as you continue serving HIM!


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