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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The goodness of God...

Here are the first photos of Karin, the 10 year old sister of Yeni we now also have. Sorry for the quality they are from a cell phone. All of the heaviness we have had of late is not without its blessings. I would like to share a few of them with our ministering praying saints.

We now have 4 girls with a variation of the name Karen in the house. The latest opted to be called Karina similar to our oldest daughter Corinna. She is a starved for love and attention ten year old. Lisa pulled out a stuffed animal teddy bear to give her. She was eyeing it on the table and when I told her it was hers she snatched it up and hugged it tight then leaped into my arms for a hug. Lisa then gave her a doll of her own and the scene repeated. It was the first doll and teddy bear she ever had. While talking to her and Yeni I found she has never gotten a Christmas gift or birthday present in her life. She has been clinging to me and giving me hugs every awake hour of every day since she came to us. I have taken the kids to the river several times to swim and this weekend took them to the ocean. It was Karina first time to see the ocean or play on a beach, it was there she began to open up and the fear began to melt away, it was on the beach she gave me the first spontaneous hug, after that one the floodgate opened and they have continued at a furious pace. Her eyes grew big as Lisa gave her choices of fruit for breakfast and she loaded her plate. She always ate in her old home but in a way that always left her hungry ie very little… I was skeptical about Yeni’s return but her heart has been great so far and her actions have spoken louder than words. She lost a lot of weight in the short time away but her appetite has returned. She has been more helpful, more thankful than before. I pray this last month has opened her eyes to the LORD’s blessing and hand upon her life. I am one that looks for the details more than the big events. The ten leapers being healed was not the point, rather the one returning to give thanks was the lesson… It is the same with the children as well. Yeni talking about ways to protect her little sister. Two times this week Enrique pulled me aside to talk to me privately; once asking if I would please adopt him too, the second to tell me he wants to be a pastor when he grows up. Many times a day children coming up behind you to give a hug and whisper “te amo papi” in my ear. Children rushing to get their food… not because they are hungry, but so they can be the first to sit next to you.
I took Bessy to the doctor to find out why she continues to have ear aches. Without encouragement the children with me give out tracts to everyone in the building and Iris tries to witness to the receptionist. As I exit the small office, I see everyone reading gospel tracts…
Our schools teachers are on strike ie few classes and many days with kids all day, so I have gone to the river several times. And the ocean once, 22 of us loaded up even though the kia had a bad alternator. A promise is a promise, therefore I charged the batteries and went anyway, hoping to return before darkness and rain prevailed… We just made it back. Then going to bed without funds in the bank to buy the needed food the next day or fix the Kia… yet wakening to find a deposit made in just the amount needed to shop for food and fix the kia…. At our level of support/income, I do not know of many who would accept (or even consider) the responsibility of 23 children into their family without extra help or income...(And more in the future) Some might call it living on the edge… I would rather call it living in the center of his hand. Everything this side of hell is a blessing… Amen.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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